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Screw Caps for Screw Cap Tubes

Resistant to the pressure and freeze

Resistant to the pressure and freeze
O- ring made of silicone rubber is resistant to the pressure and is suitable for storage in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) or the deep freezer.

Cat. No. Item Color Unit Case
139-201C Screwcap with O-ring Clear 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201B Screwcap with O-ring Blue 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201G Screwcap with O-ring Green 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201R Screwcap with O-ring Red 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201Y Screwcap with O-ring Yellow 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201BL Screwcap with O-ring Black 500 pieces 20 bags

This is a cap for a screw cap Tube. Please use with a screw cap Tube.

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