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Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Duable for centrifugal force

Durable for centrifugal force 20,000×G*
our originally designed tube using 100% virgin medical-grade polypropylene proves resistance against a centrifugal force as high as 20,000×G (water, 15min, adapter used).
*0.5mL Tube:17,000×G

Convenient for positioning the tube when centrifugation

Convenient for positioning the tube when centrifugation
A marker (notch), which is convenient for positioning the tube during centrifugation and other purposes, is provided on the flange of the tube.

Screw-caps, 6 Colors Available (sold separately)

6 Colors Available (sold separately)

Please use a genuine caps.

Resistant to the pressure and freeze

Resistant to the pressure and freeze
O- ring made of silicone rubber is resistant to the pressure and is suitable for storage in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) or the deep freezer.

Precautions: Handling Screwcap Tubes under the Liquid Nitrogen

  • In terms of safety, store the screwcap tubes in the vapor phase.
  • To avoid any risks such as the tube rupture and the sample spatter, do NOT handle the screwcap tube under the liquid phase.
  • Fill up the test sample into the body of the screwcap tube up to the degree of 90% of the maximum content.
  • Wear a face shield, protective clothes, and gloves when handling liquid nitrogen for defrosting.
Light-shielding screw-cap tube

Shading screwcap tube
This light-shielding screw-cap tube is capable of thoroughly shielding light of short to long wavelengths and is best suited for use in experiments on samples susceptible to light, such as bilirubin, as well as their storage.

Screwcap Tubes Line UP

0.5ml Self-standing

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1.5mL(Conical Bottom / Self-Standing)
1.5ml Conical Bottom 1.5ml Self-Standing

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2.0mL(Conical Bottom / Self-Standing)
2.0ml Conical Bottom 2.0ml Self-Standing

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