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Screw Cap Micro Tubes
Screw Cap
Cat. No. Item Color Unit Case
139-201C Screwcap with O-ring Clear 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201B Screwcap with O-ring Blue 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201G Screwcap with O-ring Green 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201R Screwcap with O-ring Red 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201Y Screwcap with O-ring Yellow 500 pieces 20 bags
139-201BL Screwcap with O-ring Black 500 pieces 20 bags

This is a cap for a screw cap microcentrifuge tube. Please use with a screw cap microcentrifuge tube.

Link to Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes | 0.5 ml | 1.5 ml | 2.0 ml |


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