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Screw Cap Micro Tubes

0.5 mL Self-Standing

0.5ml Self-standing
Tube / Cap = virgin polypropylene
O-ring = silicon rubber
(Please loosen the cap and autoclave)
Centrifugal force:
30,000 x G (physiologic(al) saline 0.5 mL / 75 minutes)
Flat top (with marking space)
Cat. No. Item Color Unit Case
139-105-111C 0.5 mL, Screwcap tube,
Self-Standing, tube only
Natural 500 tubes 10 bags
139-105-111BL 0.5 mL, Screwcap tube for shading,
Self-Standing, tube only
Black 500 tubes 10 bags
1392-050-SS-LP-C 0.5 mL, Screwcap tube
attached Loop cap, Self-Standing
Natural 500 tubes 10 bags
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