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Edgeless 384-well Plate

Edges do not exist in square hole and the flat bottom
of 3D well structure.

Edgeless well

Edgeless well
Edgeless design of well bottom and sidewall achieves excellent liquid release, less meniscus, and reduces bubble while pipetting.

Flat bottom

Flat bottom
A flat bottom surface allows easy visual recognition of a sample even in the small volume.

Individual rim

Individual rim
Individual rim of each well ensures tight sealing and prevents contamination.


Prevention of bubble generation

It prevents bubble generation when pipetting a liquid.

Prevention of liquid residue

It prevents liquid residue when aspirating a liquid.

※These advantages are not always guaranteed as viscosity or surface tension of the liquid, or parameter setting of the pipetting device influence the performance.

very unique moderated-contour bottom design.

 Volume:100 µL / well
 Well design:Edgeless square
 Well bottom:Edgeless flat

Cat. No. Item Unit Case
1825-384E-110 Edgeless 384-well Plate, 100 µL 50 pieces
(5 pieces×10 bags)
5 units
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