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Compact pipette variable with 3 volumes

Flexible sample volume setting

Ex.)Able to select aspiration volume out of
  10µL, 15µL, 25µL (PETIT-PET-25)
   ・10 µL×2 times = 20 µL
   ・10 µL+25 µL= 35 µL
   ・25 µL×2 times = 50 µL

three volume variable
compact pipette
Compact & Easy-to-carry

■ Able to carry (PETIT-PET) outside in stead of
 your Lab’s pipette
■ Usable for field research
Ex.) For collection of bacteria, fungi etc,
  from the soil mixture

Reasonable disposable pipette

■ Feel free to use without regard to cost
■ Suitable for experiments not required
 for accurate and precise aspiration/discharge
Ex.) For collection of patient blood
   from the test tube
  For collection of patient urine
   from the urine cup


*This pipette is NOT designed for use as a blow-out pipette.



Cat. No. Item Compatible tip Unit
PETIT-PET-25 Three volume variable ease pipette "PETIT-PET"
10 / 15 / 25 µL
204/207 10pieces
PETIT-PET-250 Three volume variable ease pipette "PETIT-PET"
70 / 100 / 250 µL
705/703/505/801 10pieces
PETIT-PET-1000 Three volume variable ease pipette "PETIT-PET"
200 / 300 / 1000 µL
706/804/806/805 10pieces
PETIT-PET-5000 Three volume variable ease pipette "PETIT-PET"
1500 / 3000 / 5000 µL
401 10pieces
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