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Tube Racks
Piccolo Rack
- Mini tube rack for 24 tubes.
- Autoclavable rack made of polycarbonate.
- Possible to store in the liquid nitrogen (vapor phase) and the deep freezing condition.
Piccolo Rack

Material: Polycarbonate

1. The bottom of the tube is clearly visible while setting up.
     It is possible to set the crashed ice into the empty space of the rack, then keep the sample cool condition.
2. The notch (Knurled area) is made both on the body of the Watson Screwcap Tube and on each of well of
     the Piccolo Rack so that the Screwcap Tube is completely fixed.
     Thus, the cap of the Screwcap Tube can be easily opened and closed with the hand.
     (much easier to open by using Screwcap Opener [#175-15C])
3. The well spacing is 18mm pitch that matches the pitch of a multi-pipettor with a tip attached to every other one.
Piccolo Rack
Cat. No. Item Dimensions(mm) unit Case
1522-2451 Piccolo Rack,
for 24 screwcap micro tubes, Clear
115 x 80 x 50 10 pieces 5 units
1522-2453 Piccolo Rack,
for 24 snap-cap micro tubes, Clear
115 x 80 x 50 10 pieces 5 units


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