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Repetitive Pipette "Peggy"

“Peggy” Repetetive Pipette

  • - Easy to maintain,
  • - No battery or charging required,
  • - Light and easy to carry

Aspirate the sample all at once,
dispense the necessary volume repetitively.

aspiration volume
Aspiration dial

Aspiration can be set in every 1 mL for setting range 1 –13 mL.
Note: 13 mL can be dispensed in case that Watson 10 mL Serological Pipette is used.

dispensing volume
Discharge dial

Dispensing can be set in every 0.5 mL for setting range 0.5 –5 mL.

Flexible nozzle-angle
Varlable nozzle angle

Adjustable nozzle angle in every 10 degrees up 50 degrees.

Easy maintenance

Easy to remove & set spare parts
-Nozzle cover: Autoclavable
-Joint packing: Autoclavable
-Water stop filter: Replaceable


How to use

To set aspiration volume

①Set the aspiration volume using the aspiration-volume-setting dial.
Note: DO NOT set volume exceeding the volume of serological pipette.

Fit a pipette

②Attach the serological pipette to the Peggy nozzle.


③Push the aspiration button slowly to aspirate the sample. After aspiration, slowly lift the Peggy out of the test tube.

※If the aspiration button is pushed in before aspirating a sample, it results in insufficient aspiration. Make sure the aspiration button is in the original position by pushing dispensing button.

※The movable range of the aspiration button is variable depending on the setting. The smaller the set volume is, the less the movable range is. Do not push in the aspiration button forcibly when it stops. It enables the protection system to unlock and change the dial setting.

To set discharge volume

①Set the dispensing volume using the dispensing-volume-setting dial.


Dispensing volume can be changed for each dispensing.

②Push the dispensing button one by one. Hold down the dispensing button until the solution no longer comes out of the tip. Each time the button is pushed, the set volume is dispensed.

※When you dispensing repeatedly, make sure the button comes back to the top position every time dispensing is completed.

※When you dispensing higher volume, press the dispensing button slowly.

※The aspiration button comes back to the original position as you push the dispensing button.
Release your fingers from the aspiration button while operating the dispensing button.

for 5ml・10mlpipette

Precaution in case of using
5 mL serological pipette:

Please DO NOT set aspiration volume exceeding 5 mL in case that 5 mL serological pipette is used. It may cause an accidental liquid suction leading to malfunction on Peggy.

just fit Peggy!
Cat. No. Item Aspiration Volume
Dispensing Volume
PG-01 PEGGY-01
Repetitive Pipette “Peggy”
13 mL1 mL 5 mL0.5 mL 1 unit / box
Blister boxed

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Repetitive Pipette

Consumables for Peggy

Joint packing is autoclavable.

Joint packing

joint packing NO filter

Replaceable water filter

Cat. No. Item Packaging
PG-01-JP1 Joint packing for Peggy 1 piece / bag
PG-01-JP2 Joint packing for Peggy (non filter type) 1 piece / bag
PG-01-SF1 Replaceable water stop filter for Peggy 5 pieces / bag
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