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Edgeless Large-bore Tips

The Edgeless bore tip has smooth rounded surface on the point of the tip by shortening the length of the tip which makes the inner diameter bigger.
It is suitable for pipetting mouse embryo, hydra, nematode, retina cells, etc. not to damage such samples when aspiration and dispensing by pipette.

The tip comes with various inside diameters.
Select one that fits the size of the sample.


Note: Since the diameter and length of the tip vary from tip to tip in a bulk supply, the actual volume may not be exactly as stable as 200 μL or 1000 μL.
Therefore, please DO NOT set the aspiration volume of the pipette as 200 μL / 1000 μL but set it much smaller than 200 μL / 1000 μL to avoid any accidental over-suction of the sample resulting in contamination inside the pipette.




Cat. No. Item Unit Case
113-743C 200 μL, Edgeless Large-bore, Natural 1000 tips 10 bags
113-842C 1000 μL, Edgeless Large-bore, Natural 1000 tips 10 bags
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