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Dispo Pipette

High precision scale realized
by our injection molding technology.

High precision scales
high precision

Precise & easily-recognizable scale realized by our advanced injection molding technology.

Space-saving and easy-to-stack package design.

package before package after
Short length

Easy-to-handle on a clean bench with limited handling space.
Length: 224 mm for 5 mL
Length: 244 mm for 10 mL


Electron beam sterilized, RNase / DNase-free
Endotoxin level: less than 0.05EU / mL
Source: Internal inspection.




Body:PS / Adapter:PP

2 kinds of scales

Easy to see aspirated or dispensed volume with 2 different kinds of scales employed.

Cat. No. Item   Unit Case
1650-005S 5 mL Disposable Serological Pipette sterilized 150 pieces(indivudual packaging) 5 units
1650-010S 10 mL Disposable Serological Pipette sterilized 100 pieces(indivudual packaging) 5 units
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