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Electric Multi Dispenser “Black Bird”

The dispensing stops exactly at the set volume !
Electric Dispenser with 3 functions.

Black bird is 3-in-1 device for multifunction

Aspiration /

Aspirate and Dispense the set volume of solution using a measuring pipette.

Fixed Volume
Repetitive dispensation

Dispense directly from a bottle of solution with an attached Silicon Tube.
Also dispense the set volume repetitively.

Continuous aspiration

Aspirate continuously as an aspirator.
*Prepare a bottle for collection of aspirated solution.


Unique features for users to work comfortably

adjustable Gentle to tissues

Aspiration / Dispensing speed is
adjustable Gentle to tissues,
Applicable to high viscosity solution

Can set the aspiration / dispensing speed to prevent tissue damage or spattering.
Can aspirate a high-viscosity solution in low-speed mode.

aspirate/dispense without visual check

Can aspirate / dispense
without visual check

The aspiration and dispensing will automatically stop at the set volumes.
(No need to check the scale of the disposable pipette.)
Once button is pressed, aspiration/dispensing starts automatically.
This lessens your finger stress.

easy-to-see Operation Panel

Registration of repeated operation
improves work efficiency

Simple registration of aspirating & dispensing volume
on easy-to-see Operation Panel.
Volume can be set from 0.2 mL, changing the volume
in 0.1 mL.
It is useful for Fixed Volume Repetitive Dispensation.
10 patterns can be registered and called for use
when needed.
* Dispensation accuracy of 0.2 mL is not guaranteed.

Variable nozzle angle
Variable nozzle angle

The angle of the Black Bird nozzle is adjustable. Easy to operate on a clean bench with limited handling space, etc.

One-touch button
One-touch button

Each One-touch button for aspiration and dispensation enables easy operation without continuing to push buttons.

Catch bottle
Catch bottle

Catch bottle (waste liquid tank) is attached to prevent overflow.
(the capacity: 70 mL)

Double power supply drive
Double power supply drive

Either an AC adapter or a battery (AA cell) is available as power supply in Black Bird. (Battery visible alarm equipped.)


Cat. No. Item Aspiration Volume
Dispensing Volume
BB-EMD1 Electric Multi Dispenser
“Black Bird”
50mL0.2 mL 50mL0.2 mL 1 unit / box

*Tolerance range:1 ~ 3 mL ± 10%, Over 3 mL ± 5%

Parts for Black Bird

Cat. No. Item Packaging
BB-CB Catch bottle 1 piece
BB-CAP Catch bottle cap (with Silicon tube, outside diameter:4 mm) 1 piece
BB-NA Metallic Nozzle 1 piece
BB-JP Joint packing for using measuring pipette 1 piece
BB-ST50 Silicon tube (outside diameter:3 mm, length:50 cm) 1 piece
BB-PR Tube pump (with PharMed Tube, Tube adapter, mini connecter) 1 piece

Using of Black Bird

①Preparation according to the purpose intended.

Preparation according to the purpose intended

②Turn on the power and set aspirating or dispensing volume, Pump speed and so on.

setting Volume

③Just one push on Up button or Down button starts aspirating or dispensing the set volume.
*With a lightly pushing on these Up and Down buttons, Aspirating or Dispensing operation starts.
When continuing to push buttons, the mode will be switched to repetitive or continuous motion without stopping at the set volume.
To stop continuous aspiration mode, Push Down button one time.
To stop repetitive dispensation mode, Push Up button one time.

Push Up button & Down Button

Chemical Resistance

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