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Collaboration with researchers in life science filed

FUKAE KASEI has developed and productized various items met with scientific technological needs or seeds. These ideas or items have been embodied by connecting our practical technique and knowledge in plastic products with the universities or public/government research organization where life science researches have been conducted.

Your inquiries such as development items are always welcome.
“Make what you want”, Fukae Kasei will always support your inquiries, and we are looking forward to your contact.

Example 1: LuekoCatch II

LukoCatch II enable to remove leukocytes specifically by filtering whole blood.
Fukae Kasei established the protocol including not only removing leukocytes but also collecting.

LeukoCatch ll

Attacking characteristic in Leukocytes is the one of the possible causes in disease. It is the one of the way to research protein in Leukocytes in case of typical diseases.

The more researching Leukocytes, the more disease cause may be revealed by Leukocytes as the researches advance in the future.

LeukoCath II has a possibility as simple test kit in the medical fields where is now developing or under depopulation. The reason is because LukoCatch II enables to remove Leukocytes only by filtering without centrifuge.

Moreover, LeukoCathII has practical records in the researches of platelet or Malaria on red blood cells.

FY2002 Productized of the research results of a support project (subsidy for the development cost of New Industrial Creative Technology) for improving the R&D and promoting the practical use of SME.
2001 Patent publication in progress (Osaka University.)


Example 2: Preservation Plate

A new style of sample preservation is available with a dry state.
Comparing to the conventional frozen preservation, this dry-typed plate enables to store the samples safely with room temperature and pressure.
In addition, it is easy-to-handle for deliver the sample as well. Not only general bacteria or yeast but also DNA are able to be preserved.

Preservation Plate

For example, this preservation plate enabled to transport bacteria from overseas where the experimental installation has been fully set to Japan.
Generally, it has been difficult to transport bacteria with preserving in tubes under liquid conditions, but by using this plate it also enables to deliver totally new bacteria from overseas to Japan.

In addition, it is convenient to use this plate for emergency purpose such as electrical failure or freezer failure, etc.
As for backup purpose, you can use this plate for bacteria preservation.
This is very compact design resulting in making sample storage easier and keeping safer.

All the samples’ preservation have not been tested, but this plate may preserve more bacteria or etc., meaning this plate v has huge potentiality.

The Preservation Plate is a product of the results of research by the Knowledge Cluster Initiative of the Ministry of Education [Tokushima area Noji Group (Tokushima University)].
The verification experiment of the preservation plate was conducted under the guidance of Associate Professor Akira Yokota and Researcher Midori Kurahashi in the Department of Bioresource, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Tokyo University.
This project was supported by a New Partnership Measures subsidy (Program to support Commercialization and Marketing) [Name: FUKAE KASEI CO., Ltd., WATSON CO., Ltd., Nippon Genetics co., Ltd.] from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in FY2008.

Preservation PlatesMicrobial Preservation Plates

Example 3: Plasma Filter

For recovery of microRNA, without centrifuge this enables to separate plasma from whole blood quickly.

Plasma Filter

This is for simple screening of cancer examination by microRNA, also applicable for transporting with room temperature.
In addition, this is applicable for circulating DNA.

This study was supported and proceeded by “The Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program” programmed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2011. (Jointed with Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and OurGenic Co., Ltd.)

Plasma Separation Device: Plasma Filter

Example 4: Spheroid Catch

For recovery of large spheroids at once.

Spheroid Catch

This enables to quickly screen spheroids that have been cultured in dish. Only spheroids which is larger than 77 µm hole is recoverable.
Only the mesh can be taken off, it is easy to breakup recovered spheroids, resulting in speeding up passage process.

That is a joint development with Professor Hiroshi Nojima at Research Institute for Microbial Diseases of the Molecular Genetics Research department, Osaka University.

Cell Aggregate Recovery Device: Spheroid Catch

Example 5: The device for fabricating Histfilm


This device was also commercialized by collaborating with Tokushima area Noji Group (Tokushima University).
*The sale of this item is discontinued.

Example 6: OEM product, Test kit


Various types of testing devices which diagnose or identify the disease using by blood, urine or mucous membrane have been released by some manufacturers. One of our proposal is “Making customized consumable items met the testing devices you have.”

We have provided many test kits or plastic parts for special devices as OEM with our customers under NDA.
For example, virus test kit for influenza, for antigen/antibody test kits, etc.

Fukae Kasei appreciate your any inquiries at any time. We will offer suitable items met with your devices such as PCR or your own test devices.

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Have you been facing any problems in biodevice development?

We hope that you will put our Life Science knowledge and plastic injection molding technology that we have built up over the years use in your company’s R&D.
We also catch up many raw opinions from customers and create many products referring to them.
We would like to hear from you, even if it is just a small suggestion or a request for improvement regarding a product you use in your research.

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