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We have dealt with Many Challenging Requests from Customers.

We have been developing items including WATSON brand items by introducing customer review and feedback. Hereunder are our development examples:

Case 1

“Sui” – Triply packaged item for the regenerative medicine area

“Sui*” – Triply packaged item for the regenerative medicine area (Now available in Japan only).

The item “Sui” was developed for the purpose of the research for iPS Cell. This was used in CPC (Cell Processing Center) where any bacteria, contaminants and materials from external are almost removed and keep high cleanliness. In the future, the demand of use “Sui” is expected in the regenerative medicine are. The package consists of triple structure, keeping contamination away. This package procedure will be applied in the other line such as tips, or tubes, etc.

* "SUI" implies "pure", "genuine", "clean", and "best-selected" in Chinese character. This "SUI" product stands for having exceptional package to prevent from contamination rigidly.

Case 2

10-Stick Marker for SDS-PAGE (Now – discontinued)

10-Stick Marker for SDS-PAGE (Now – discontinued)

It is common for the molecular weight marker to be stored with liquid under freeze-preservation. However, by changing the preservation condition from freeze to dry, it allows room temperature preservation for a long term. No need to wait for defrosted time, you are ready to use it promptly.

Case 3



Our pipettes’ line, NEXTY-S or NEXTY is very unique and easy-to-use design. NEXTY-S/ NEXTY has 2 kind dials of volume setting, one is the ordinary push-button dial, the other is Triple-speed turbo dial. One rotation of Triple Dial is equal to 3.5 ordinary rotations, which realizes large sample volume change at once. Also, we have developed fixed volume pipettes which allow designated volume customized with a special tool kit. Our easy-to-use and high-quality pipettes’ line has become advanced day by day by reflecting customers opinion or review.

Case 4

ECO Rack

ECO Rack

ECO rack is “User and Eco friendly” items, this rack is made of 100% recycled polypropylene, coming from the process during molding. The basic component is basically made of the rest of material comes from the process during molding. In terms of current environmental background, it is very economy and ecology product.
On the other hand, its function is very sophisticated as a tube rack, having 96-well holes for 1.5 / 2.0 mL tube. Writing space is also available on the side of the rack. In addition, the bottom of each well is designed so as to be stabilized the tube.

ECO Rack

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Your opinion is always welcome. We hear user’s or customer’s voice, then have developed ideas into a commercial reality. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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