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Our Injection Molding Technique on Plastic

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Fukae Kasei has been mainly manufacturing laboratory products used for life science field research such as Microbial cell or DNA etc.
Here are the solutions what we can offer:

  • Cell Counter Plate, fine geometry technique
  • Cell Culture Plate, hydrophilically augmented technique by fine geometry
    *applicable to bonding technique
  • Cryotube, the product specification withstanding under the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Selecting raw material, the elution testing using the equipment, GC/TOF-MS.
  • Preservation Plate, insert molding

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Our Design Solution


Through a process of trial and error, we have searched and developed various mold processing method or injection molding condition. Nowadays, we are able to mold a variety of items on plastic material. In some particular items, we have made what seemed impossible possible.
Moreover, we always set the milestone in consideration of mass production at the time of prototype process. If the customer satisfy with the prototype, we are able to move to mass production mode smoothly.
In specific fine injection molding, we adopt developed mold technique which is based on microfabrication processing. Then we actualize the special technique, e.g., high accuracy in dimension, surface smoothness, transparency like glass, high excellence in liquid draining. Our developed products with before-mentioned technique have supported people engaged with recent advanced research. We strongly believe FUKAE KASEI is considered as one of the leading companies in the industry of injection molding.

In addition to “product design”, we also focus on “mold design”. That enables us to mold products in the ideal shape, taking “post-molding shrinkage” and “durability of mold” into consideration. One of our customers commented that the life cycle of mold designed by FUKAE KASEI is longer than the general one.

We also stated business in the field of mold fabrication since 2018. With our accumulated know-how, we flexibly listen to the customer’s need and demand.

Our craftsmanship split realizes excellent cost-effective or comfortableness on each production. If you use our product once, you will see the differences. Because all the our product is manufactured with exceptional technique which the competitors cannot replicate.

Established Nuclease-free products

Established Nuclease-free products such as tips or tubes under strict quality control.


We accomplished to build facility which enables to produce the plastic consumable products with Nuclease-free first time ever in Japan. Since then we have been producing variety of products with our original strict quality control.

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