Fukae-Kasei is a manufacturer specialized in the Field of Physical / Chemical and Clinical Science.


We can help to cut costs of plastic molding by special designing and planning.

20 years of technical know-how for manufacturing disposables are used in the field of physical / chemical and clinical science.

Flexibly Catering to the Needs / Requests of Users

Carbon Tips

Carbon TipsCarbon Tip was developed for the detection of the liquid level for the automatic pipette.


Carbon Tubes

Carbon TubesCarbon Tip was developed for the detection of the liquid level for the automatic pipette by conducting electricity.



Large Bore Tips

Large Bore TipsLarge Bore Tip was developed only because conventional products' apex is too small to suck mouse embryo, hydra, nematode, glycerol and retinal cell.


Teflon Screw Tubes

Teflon Screw TubesTeflon Screw Tube was developed for the treatment of the thickened blood etc.



Preservation Plate

Cooperation among industry, government and academia. Creation from seeds.

Preservation Plate


Clean Room Environment

For Quality Improvement Achieving Nuclease-Free

Our facilities include a Clean Room to fulfill the requirements of DNase / RNase FREE and also Endotoxin FREE environment.
Only the special skilled staff with protective suits are allowed to enter our clean room.



Microfabrication of plastic

Development of fine injection molding

Our company have technologies of hard-to-manufacture fine injection molding.
For example, we have developed a method of manufacturing fine needles, and the needles are thinner than that of a mosquito.
The apical diameter of this needle is under 10 μm. Under Figure production only use injection molding without after fabricat.

We have developed a plastic forming injection mold by using synchrotron X-ray etc,.

Features of the technology is as follows :
1. Able to make mass-production of the same forms of plastic commodity.
2. Achieve smoother and higher quality product than after fabricated product.
  For fine needle movie, click here!

 hollow fine needle


Development of fine needle

For development of fine needle, we apply technology of fine injection molding.

We get a try mass production of fine module product for make a contribution at progression of lifescience field.

"Hollow fine needle"
Technology of fine injection molding may can use for transdermal administration.

 fine needle1.jpg

needle length=500 μm. bore diameter=50 μm
16-pin of Hollow fine needle array

 fine needle2.jpg

After mounting



"Biodegradable plastic"
Research and development of inoffensive plastic for human body.

fine needle3.jpg
Fine needle of polylactide



"Mass production"
Our goal is mass production of hollow fine needle.

 fine needle4.jpg

We successfully developed a fine needle which is made from biodegradable plastic.
It is thinner than the needle of a mosquito!

Using our technology and know-how of noted above,
we are able to realize your dream!!

Higher quality, smoother surface!


Left figure : Our fine injection molding plastic product
Center figure : Cutting work glass product
Right figure : The other companies' Cutting work glass product

The surface of the cutting work glass product is not smooth.
In contrast, our fine injection molding plastic product is accurate, has smooth surface and it is a low cost / massproduction.

Microfabrication application


Applied field

Concrete example

Cell counter plate Medical
Cell countbr
Micro flow pass
Fine needle Medical
Life science
Fine knife
Hollow fine needle Medical
Electron parts
Life science
Cell culture
Micro pile structure Electron parts
Life science
Light guide
Water-repellent/hydrophobicity parts
Reflect prevention parts


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Microfabrication of plastic